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OxyElite ProOxyElite Pro may not be the #1 selling diet pill in America, but it has still garnered quite a bit of attention.

The makers of OxyElite Pro claim that this is a weight loss pill that contains a spectacular list of ingredients engineered to burn fat, suppress appetite, and eliminate extra weight.

In order to see if this is a product worth trying, we’ll need to look a little more closely at its ingredients and safety.

The OxyElite Pro Formula

The ingredients list is a little bit deceiving, coming with complicated names, alternate names, etc.—something you don’t tend to see in even the most unique top-rated products, such as Phenphedrine.

We didn’t want to write off OxyElite Pro just because its ingredients looked unfamiliar, however, so we dug a little deeper.

One of the ingredients found in OxyElite Pro is geranium, which has been used by many amateur bodybuilders as a natural workout supplement. This flower extract, when used in the right amounts, can potentially have a powerful effect on your muscle mass.

However, as we mentioned, most of the OxyElite Pro ingredients are not so straightforward and are, in some cases, misleading. For starters, the first ingredient in the OxyElite Pro formula is listead as bauhinia purpurea, when it is actually an ingredient called Ashwagandha, which is commonly used as a sleep aid, not a fat burner.

OxyElite Pro’s other ingredients can be used to enhance memory, promote a multivitamin like effect, and even work as an aphrodisiac for men. However, ironically, even with just six simple ingredients, OxyElite Pro does not seem to have a single fat burner or weight loss ingredient.

And, to top it all off, the OxyElite Pro formula is included in the form of a proprietary blend, meaning we don’t get to see the real amount of any ingredient included in the formula except for caffeine—which, by the way, is spelled incorrectly on the label.

Is OxyElite Pro Safe?

OxyElite Pro uses ingredients that seem to be completely natural. So wouldn’t that mean that OxyElite Pro is basically safe?

The simple answer is not necessarily. There are plenty of “natural” ingredients that can still cause certain side effects and complications, some being more serious than others.

In this case, OxyElite Pro doesn’t use caffeine, which would be the most common culprit. However, this formula uses yohimbine, a natural aphrodisiac that has actually been connected to an increased risk of stroke or heart attack in some men. Caffeine can also cause headaches, irritability, restlessness, and nausea.

The Final Word on OxyElite Pro

We appreciate the fact that the OxyElite Pro creators thought outside the box and attempted to produce a weight loss pill using a unique formula, but they should have used ingredients that have been more extensively researched and tested.

Phenphedrine, for example, rather than using the typical ingredients, utilizes a specialized formula that burns fat and speeds your metabolism differently than other products on the market but does so using ingredients that have been clinically proven to work. We recommend you try a diet pill more like this one.Find out more about Phenphedrine’s ingredients at Phenphedrine.com.

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